Chasing Stars

Posted: April 15, 2013 in poems, Poetry
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Have you lost your sense of adventure
Somewhere behind those bedroom eyes?
Has your yearning for life been trapped
Somewhere between your thighs?

Don’t let him hold you back,
Look how far you’ve come
Don’t let him sing your song
While you sit back and hum.

Come with me my friend,
Together we’ll go far
Regain your sense of wonder
And let’s go chasing stars.


Summertime Itch

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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Dirty feet
Painted toes
Lots of frineds
Absent foes

Coolers of beer
Music on blast
Lots of memories
From summers past

Poolside chilling
Taning lotion
Sandy beach
Salty ocean

Sun-kissed skin
Lip gloss on
Flowing dress
Flip flops on

Summer days
Summer nights
Music festivals
Neon lights

…But, oh…
Those summer nights…

Magnetic Eyes

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I miss those eyes,
The ones filled with so much mystery
That you could find the meaning of life
If you looked deep enough

Moonlit Mystery

Posted: April 7, 2013 in poems, Poetry, writing
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Still awake in the darkest of hours waiting for new light
My eyes are stretched tightly,
Condemned by the moonlight.
The mystery of the night has me lost yet again,
Flickering glimpses of hope

But it’s only just pretend…

Addicted To The Night

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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I watch the smoke float away to someplace where I possibly left my good intentions
The heat emanates off of the brick house I once called home.
I’ve always been adicted to the moonlight…
Like a subtle fuck you to the sun.


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I just can’t seem to escape this feeling that won’t go away
I can’t put into words…
I don’t know what’s going on withmy self to even try to explain it all…
I’m caught somewhere on the edge….
Between freedom and responsibillity
I suppose.
Have I thrown my beliefs out of the window
And comformed to some wretched society
That won’t let me breathe fresh air?
My inner demons speak words of protest
Trying to escape the walls within
Are they really my inner demons
Or just natural born rights
Society tells me to oppress?


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To think I’ve ever been
To think I’ve ever truly loved before
When I’m holding proof
That some sort of god exists
Right here in my arms